This section describes the options available in the Miscellaneous group in the Design Master HVAC Options dialog box.


Leader arrow block: The block used for leader arrowheads.

Leader arrow length: The length of the leader arrowhead.

Draw hangers in 2D: Whether hangers are drawn in 2D.

Pressure drop report duct ID block: The block used to label ducts in the pressure drop report and on the drawing. See the Insert Pressure Drop Report section for more information.

Schedule title justification: The justification for the title at the top of all of the schedules.

Left: The schedule title is justified to the left.
Center: The schedule title is centered.

Schedule column label justification: The justification for the label at the top of each column in all of the schedules.

Left: The column labels are justified to the left.
Center: The column labels are centered.

Schedule title continued label: The text in this option is added to the schedule title when the schedule is broken into multiple sections.

When inserting schedules, there is an option to set a maximum height for the schedule. If the schedule exceeds this height, the schedule is continued in a second section next to the first. The title of the second and following sections is the schedule title plus the text in the Schedule title continued label option.

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