User Support Information

This section describes the options available in the User Support Information group in the Design Master User Settings dialog box.


Name: Your name.

Email: Your email address. This is the email address we will use when replying to support requests from you.

Phone: Your phone number. This phone number will be sent with any support requests you send. It is not a required field, but having it in the support requests helps us call you if we need additional information.

Save support emails to the desktop (set to "Yes" if sending fails or crashes): Support requests and bug reports can be emailed directly from Design Master HVAC. Some company's networks disable this ability, causing the send to fail or crash. When this happens, the information is saved to a file on your desktop that you can email to us manually.

Yes: Design Master HVAC does not attempt to send the email directly to us. Instead, it saves it to the desktop. Choose this setting if you consistently have trouble sending us support emails through our software. Determining that the send step will fail can take time. When you know it will fail, skipping it will save you time.
No: Design Master HVAC will attempt to send the email directly to us. When possible, this is the setting you should use.

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