Common Groups Dialog Box Features

Schedules in the project and standards database can be organized into groups. Groups allow you to organize the records in your schedule.

Each group has its own schedule. When you insert a pipe symbol, you first select the group, then select the pipe symbol.

The Select Group button on project and standards schedule dialog boxes opens the Schedule Groups dialog box. This dialog box is used to create and modify schedule groups. The specific labels will vary based upon the type of schedule you are modifying, but the functionality is the same for all types.

When you create a project, all of the records from a group can be copied to the project. Copying a group is helpful when you have a common type of project with similar schedules. You can set up the schedule once in the standards as a group, then reuse it in new projects.

While working on a project, you can import records from a group into the project. You can create multiple groups for different types of schedule entries or different manufacturers. The organization of the groups makes it easier to find the record you want to import.

In a project, groups are used to organize the pipe symbols. Each group has a separate schedule that can be inserted on the drawing. The layout of each schedule can be different for each group.

Pipe Symbol Project/Standards Schedule Groups Dialog Box

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Copy: Press this button to copy the selected group. The group that is created will be empty and have no schedule entries in it. Any group settings will be copied from the selected group.

Delete: Press this button to delete the selected group. You cannot delete a group that still has schedule entries in it.

Import from Another Database: See the Import from Another Database section for more information about this button.

Import from Standards Schedule: See the Import from Standards Schedule section for more information about this button.

Import Project Group: See the Import from Project Schedule section for more information about this button.

Press the OK button to return to the previous dialog box with the selected group active.

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