Design Master Plumbing uses fixtures to quickly input pipes that represent specific plumbing fixtures, their elevations, and their associated flow values in order to speed up the drafting and layout of plumbing and piping designs. As the fixtures are actually pipes and not intelligent toilets or sinks, there is no schedule of fixtures recorded in the database. Fixtures are effectively piping macros that help you locate and define pipe flow values.

Pipe Type: The type of pipe used for the fixture connection. The list of pipe types available can be customized. See the Pipe Types section for more information.

Pipe Flow Category Name: The list of the available flow categories. Some pipe types are assigned only one category, while others may be assigned to several. See the Pipe Flow Categories section for more information about making changes to pipe flow categories.

Flow: The flow value for the fixture. These values can be found in your local plumbing codes.

Include P-Trap: Whether a p-trap is automatically drawn on this fixture when shown in an isometric diagram.

Transparent: The fixture and fixture connection will not be drawn. This setting is useful when you need to draw a custom fitting or piece of equipment in your pipe system. A transparent fixture connection keeps the flow connected and allows you to draw the graphics necessary for your design.

Elevation: The elevation of the fixture. See the Elevation section for more information.

Pipe Size: The size of the pipe feeding the fixture. The list of pipe sizes available can be customized. See the Pipe Sizes section for more information.

Sized Automatically: The pipe size is chosen automatically based upon the flow.
Specific Size: The selected pipe size is used.

Sizing Table: The table used to size the pipe if Pipe Size is set to Sized Automatically. See the Pipe Sizing Tables section for more information.

Same as Previous: The pipe is sized based upon the Sizing Table of the previous pipe.

Layer System: See the Layer System section for more information.

Floor: Sets whether the fixture extends to another floor. The fixture will be displayed on both floors. See the Floors section for more information about setting up floors.

Insert fixture on this floor only: The fixture is not extended to another floor.
Extend fixture to floor below: The fixture extends down one floor.
Extend fixture to floor above: The fixture extends up one floor.

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