Insert Fixture Connection

To insert fixtures on the current drawing, go to

Ribbon: DM Plumbing->Fixtures-> dm_plumb-fixture-insert Insert Fixture Connection

Pulldown Menu: DM Plumbing->Fixtures->Insert Fixture Connection

Insert Fixture Connection Dialog Box


See the Common Fixture Information section for more information about the values that can be specified for fixture connections.

Layer System: See the Layer System section for more information.

Inserting a Fixture Connection on the Drawing

To insert a fixture connection on the drawing, press the OK button. The settings specified in the dialog box will be used for the inserted fixture connection. You will be prompted to identify where on the drawing the fixture connection is to be inserted.

Specify fixture connection insertion point:

A circle will be displayed on the drawing to represent the fixture.

You will then be prompted to insert another fixture with the same definition. Continue to insert fixtures, or press ENTER to finish the command.

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P-trap width: Sets the width of p-traps.

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