Insert Pipe Symbol

To insert a pipe symbol onto a pipe, go to

Ribbon: DM Plumbing->Pipe Symbols-> dm_plumb-pipeSymbol-insert Insert Pipe Symbol

Pulldown Menu: DM Plumbing->Pipe Symbols->Insert Pipe Symbol

Insert Pipe Symbol Dialog Box


Group: The active pipe symbol group. See the Common Groups Dialog Box Features section for more information.

Callout: The pipe symbol to be inserted. The list of pipe symbols available is defined in the Pipe Symbol Project Schedule command.

Layer System: See the Layer System section for more information.

Same as Connected Pipe: The layer system of the pipe the symbol is inserted on will be used. The layer system will change if the layer system of the pipe changes.

Edit: Press this button to open the Pipe Symbol Project Schedule dialog box with the selected pipe symbol active. See the Pipe Symbol Project Schedule section for more information.

Inserting a Pipe Symbol on the Drawing

Press the OK button. You will be prompted to identify where the pipe symbol is to be located.

Select pipe at location to insert pipe symbol:

The pipe symbol will be inserted at the specified location.

Depending upon the type of pipe symbol inserted, you may be asked if you want to flip the pipe symbol.


You will then be prompted to insert another pipe symbol of the same type. Continue to insert pipe symbols, or press ENTER to finish the command.

Related Options

Show tick marks before pipe symbols: Sets whether tick marks are inserted along with the pipe symbol.

This option can be further customized with the Tick width and Tick offset options.

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