Local Install

This section describes configuring Design Master Plumbing for a local install. A local install should be used when there is only one person using Design Master Plumbing in your office. All program and customization files are stored directly on the computer. This install type should be used even if the person is installing the software on a laptop.

If you have floating licenses, this install type should not be used.

Configuring an Installation on a Local Computer


Install Type: The type of installation. The dialog box will change depending upon the type selected.

Local: The installation type described in this section.
Network: See the Network Install section for more information about this install type.
Network Laptop: See the Network Laptop Install section for more information about this install type.

Install Folder: The folder where Design Master Plumbing is installed. This folder is forced to be located in your Application Data folder.

Customization Folder: The folder where the customization files are stored.

Select Customization Folder: Press this button to select a new location for the customization folder.

Reset: Press this button to reset the customization to the default location, located in your Application Data folder.

Open: There are two Open buttons in the dialog box. Press this button to open Windows Explorer to one of the folders listed in the dialog box. The first button opens the install folder. The second button opens the customization folder.

Alert me when updates are available: Whether updates are checked for automatically. If this is checked, an update check will occur the first time you run a command each day. An alert will appear if an update is available.

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