Offset Pipe

The Offset Pipes command is used to duplicate and offset a pipe. This command works similar to the standard CAD OFFSET command.

To offset a pipe, go to

Ribbon: DM Plumbing->Pipes-> dm_plumb-pipe-offset-ribbon Offset Pipe

Pulldown Menu: DM Plumbing->Pipes->Offset Pipe

You will be prompted to specify the distance the pipe is to be offset.

Specify offset distance <current>:

Enter a value, select two points on the drawing to calculate the distance, or press ENTER to use the offset distance specified the last time this command was run.

You will then be prompted to identify the pipe to be offset.

Select pipe to offset:

You will then be prompted to specify on which side of the pipe the new pipe will be offset.

Specify point on side to offset:

Select a point on the side of the pipe where the offset is to be placed.

Specify a point on either side of the pipe. A new pipe will be inserted on that side at the specified distance from the selected pipe.

You will be prompted to select another pipe to offset. Continue to offset pipes, or press ENTER to finish the command.

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