Start New Plumbing Project

This section describes how to start a new project.

When you start a new project, a database file will be created in the same folder as the current drawing. The file name will be "dm_plumb<Name>.dm", where <Name> is the name of the project. This is the database file where all of the information about your project is stored.

To create a new database file, go to

Ribbon: DM Plumbing->Utilities-> dm_dm-startNewProject Start New Plumbing Project

Pulldown Menu: DM Plumbing->Start New Plumbing Project

Start New Plumbing Project Dialog Box


Project Name (Optional): The project name that is added to the end of the file name. This name is only used on the file name. It is not used anywhere else in the project. If you leave this field blank, the project database name will be "".

Project Directory: The folder in which the database will be created. The folder displayed and used is the folder that contains the current drawing.

Standards Database: The standards database from which to copy project options and settings. See the Standards Databases section for more information about the standards database and which settings are stored in it.

Pipe Symbol Groups: Select one or more pipe symbol groups from the standards database to import to the new project. You can select multiple groups using the SHIFT and CTRL keys. See the Standards Database Groups section for more information about pipe symbol groups.

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