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Drawing Homeruns and Loops

This tutorial teaches you how to draw homeruns and loops on devices that are connected to a circuit.

Open drawing E-2.1,2.

Draw Homeruns and Loops

  1. Run the Draw Homerun and Loops command.
    Ribbon: DM Electrical→Circuit and Homeruns→  Draw Homerun and Loops
    Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Circuit and Homeruns→Draw Homerun and Loops

  2. Select a device on the drawing that is circuited. The device you select will have the homerun drawn from it.

  3. Press ENTER. Loops will be drawn to all of the other devices on the circuit.

  4. Specify the location for the homerun. You can press SPACE or right-click to adjust the arc on the homerun.