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Displaying Equipment on the One-Line Diagram

This tutorial teaches you how to display equipment on the one-line diagram.

Open drawing E-4.1.

Modify Equipment​

  1. Run the Query or Edit Multiple Equipment command. The Select Equipment to Query or Edit Multiple dialog box will open.
    Ribbon: DM Electrical→Devices→  Query or Edit Multiple Equipment
    Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Equipment→Query or Edit Multiple Equipment

  2. Select AHU and RTU-3. They should be circuited. If not, select two pieces of equipment that are circuited.

  3. Press the button. The Edit Multiple Equipment dialog box will open.

  4. Press the button. The One-Line Diagram Settings dialog box will open.

  5. Set Show on One-Line Diagram ▾ to Yes.

  6. Press the button.

  7. Press the button to save the changes.

Insert Equipment on the One-Line Diagram​

  1. Run the Insert Distribution Equipment command. The Insert Distribution Equipment dialog box will open.
    Ribbon: DM Electrical→One-Line Diagram→  Insert Distribution Equipment
    Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→One-Line Diagram→Insert Distribution Equipment

  2. Set Tree ☰ to AHU.

  3. Press the button.

  4. Follow the prompts at the command line to insert the equipment connection on the drawing.

  5. Run the Generate One-Line command.
    Ribbon: DM Electrical→One-Line Diagram→  Generate One-Line
    Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→One-Line Diagram→Generate One-Line

  6. Set Tree ☰ to UTIL.

  7. Press the button.

RTU-3 will be inserted automatically for you.