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Edit Voltage Drop Schedule List

To edit the voltage drop schedule project settings, go to
Ribbon: DME: Customizationā†’Project Customizationā†’  Voltage Drop Schedule Label Group
Pulldown Menu: DM Electricalā†’Customizationā†’Labels and Schedulesā†’Project Listā†’Edit Voltage Drop Schedule Project List

To edit the voltage drop schedule standards settings, go to
Ribbon: DME: Customizationā†’Master & Standards Customizationā†’  Voltage Drop Schedule Label Group
Pulldown Menu: DM Electricalā†’Customizationā†’Labels and Schedulesā†’Standards and Master Listsā†’Edit Voltage Drop Schedule Standards List

Voltage Drop Schedule Label Display and Order Dialog Boxā€‹

See the Common Label and Schedule Information section for more information about using the and buttons and the KeyĀ ā˜°, Label, Width, JustificationĀ ā–¾, and ā˜Ā Display fields.

Values in the KeyĀ ā˜° column are listed alphabetically below.

  • Ā Branch Circuit Farthest Device Distance The distance to the farthest device on the branch circuit.

  • Ā Branch Circuit Wire Size The size of the phase conductors on the branch circuit.

  • Ā Device The distribution equipment to which the row of voltage drop information corresponds. Devices are listed in the order they are connected, starting at the utility. Devices that are connected to other devices are indented to indicate their relationship.


    If the names of the devices extend beyond the edge of the column because of the indentation, increase the width of the column.

  • Ā Feeder Length The length of the feeder to the device.

  • Ā Feeder Voltage Drop The voltage drop on the feeder from the utility to the device.

  • Ā Feeder Wire Size The size of the phase conductors on the feeder to the device.

  • Ā Maximum Branch Circuit Voltage Drop The highest voltage drop on all of the branch circuits on the device.

  • Ā Specific Feeder Voltage Drop The voltage drop on the feeder from the upstream device to the device.

  • Ā Total Voltage Drop The sum of Feeder Voltage Drop and Maximum Branch Circuit Voltage Drop.