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Junction Boxes

This section describes how to use junction boxes.


These junction boxes are used to connect device loops. They are connection points for wires only and do not have any associated loads. If you need to create a junction box with a load, model it using either a receptacle or an equipment connection.

Junction boxes are never connected directly to a circuit. Any circuit they are connected to is based upon the devices that are connected to the junction box itself.

Common Junction Box Information

The values that can be specified for a junction box are listed below.

  •  ☐ Include in Schedule Whether the junction box is displayed in the junction box schedule that is inserted on the drawing. Most junction boxes will have this box checked. It is commonly unchecked for existing junction box types and junction boxes that are being used to model other types of devices in your project.

  •  Schedule Note 1:, Schedule Note 2:, Schedule Note 3: These notes will appear on the junction box schedule on the drawing. See the Schedule Notes section for more information.