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Insert Light Fixture Callout

The Insert Light Fixture Callout command is used to insert a single light fixture callout label on the drawing.

The callout label is linked to the light fixture on which it is inserted. Changing the callout of the light fixture in the database will change the callout label on the drawing. Erasing the light fixture from the drawing will erase the callout label.

The callout label is not moved with the light fixture. If the light fixture is moved to a new location, the callout label must be moved separately.

The light fixture callout can also be inserted as a label that is part of each light fixture that is inserted on the drawing. See the Insert callout as part of each light fixture ▾ option in the Light Fixtures Options section for more information.

To insert a light fixture callout, go to
Ribbon: DM Electrical→Devices→  Insert Light Fixture Callout
Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Light Fixtures→Insert Light Fixture Callout

You will be prompted to select the light fixture to be labeled.

Select light fixture:

You will then be prompted to specify where the callout will be inserted on the drawing.

Specify insertion point:

The light fixture callout will be inserted at the specified location.

Related Options

LF callout block: Sets the blocks used for the light fixture callout. This option can be further customized with the LF callout short label width option.