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Low Voltage Devices

This section describes how to use low voltage devices. Low voltage devices refer to devices you want to insert on your electrical drawing that are not a light fixture, receptacle, equipment, junction box, or switch.

Multiple types of low voltage devices can be created using separate groups. Each group is inserted on separate layers and has a separate schedule.

Low voltage devices can be connected to low voltage panels. Total loads can be calculated on the panels. No other calculations are available for low voltage devices.

Common Low Voltage Device Information

The values that can be specified for a low voltage device are listed below. Some values can be set in the schedule only. Others can have a default set in the schedule that can be changed on individual low voltage devices.

Schedule Only-Settings

This section describes low voltage device values that can only be set in the schedule. These cannot be changed on individual low voltage devices. If you need to insert a low voltage device that has a different setting for one of these values, you must create a new record in the schedule.

  •  ☐ Include in Schedule Whether the low voltage device type is displayed in the low voltage device schedule that is inserted on the drawing. Most low voltage types will have this box checked. It is commonly unchecked for existing low voltage device types and low voltage devices that are being used to model other types of devices in your project.

Individual Low Voltage Device Settings

  •  ☐ Load 1, ☐ Load 2 Low voltage devices can have up to two separate loads on them. Each load can be assigned a different load type and connected to a different circuit. See the Load Information section for more information.

  •  Subscript Note: This note is inserted with the low voltage device on the drawing. This note can also be displayed in the low voltage device schedule if the ☐ Show Subscript on Symbols box is checked when inserting the schedule. See the Insert Low Voltage Device Project Schedule section for more information.

  •  Drawing Note 1:, Drawing Note 2:, Drawing Note 3: These notes will appear on the drawing for each low voltage device.

  •  Schedule Note 1:, Schedule Note 2:, Schedule Note 3: These notes will appear on the low voltage device schedule on the drawing. See the Schedule Notes section for more information.