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Insert Recurring Panel Instance on this Drawing

To insert a recurring panel instance on a drawing, go to
Ribbon: DM Electrical→Distribution Equipment→  Insert Recurring Panel Instance on this Drawing
Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Distribution Equipment→Recurring Panel Instances→Insert on this Drawing

Inserting a Recurring Panel Instance​

Select the recurring panel instance to be inserted and press the button.

You will be prompted to specify the location on the drawing where the instance will be inserted.

Specify insertion point:

After you specify the location for the instance, you will be prompted for the rotation angle.

Specify rotation angle:

After you specify the rotation angle, you will be prompted to insert the callout. See the Inserting Notes and Leaders on the Drawing section for more information about inserting the callout.

Copying and Erasing Recurring Panel Instance Plan View Blocks​

A recurring panel instance shown on the drawing can be copied using the standard CAD COPY command.

Using the standard CAD ERASE command removes the block and deletes the recurring panel instance from the database. To remove an instance from the drawing without deleting it from the database, use the Remove Recurring Panel Instance from this Drawing command.