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Insert Fault Schedule

The Insert Fault Schedule command is used to calculate and display the fault current at all distribution equipment. See the Fault Calculation Method section for information about how fault is calculated.

To insert or update the fault current schedule, go to
Ribbon: DM Electrical→Distribution Equipment→  Insert Fault Schedule
Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Distribution Equipment Schedules→Insert Fault Schedule

Fault Current Schedule Dialog Box

  •  Schedule Notes: A note that will appear below the schedule when inserted on the drawing.

  •  ☐ Maximum Schedule Height: Whether the schedule has a maximum height. This height corresponds to inches on the printed page.

    If this is not checked, the schedule will be in a single schedule.

    If this is checked, you can specify the maximum height of the schedule. When the schedule exceeds this height, it will be continued in a second schedule next to the first. The label of the second schedule will have the Schedule title continued label option added to it to indicate that it is a continuation of the first schedule. See the Schedules options section for more information.

  •   Press this button to specify the ☐ Maximum Schedule Height on the drawing. The dialog box will be closed and you will be prompted to specify the height.

    Specify maximum schedule height:

    The distance that you enter on the drawing will be used as the maximum height. It is simplest to draw a line straight down to where the bottom of the schedule should be located.

  •  ☐ Zoom to Schedule After Insertion Whether the display will be moved to the schedule location after it has been inserted or updated. Check this box if you are having difficulty locating your schedule on a busy drawing.

  •   Press this button to modify the layout of the schedule on the drawing. See the Edit Fault Schedule List section for more information.

  •  ☐ Highlight AIC Ratings That Are Too Low Whether AIC ratings in the schedules that are less than the calculated fault for a device will be highlighted.

Inserting or Updating the Schedule on the Drawing

To insert or update the schedule, press the button.

Inserting the Schedule the First Time

If the schedule is not currently inserted on the drawing, you will be prompted for the insertion location of the schedule.

Specify insertion point for schedule:

The location you specify will be used as the top-left corner for the schedule.

Updating the Schedule Already on the Drawing

If the schedule is already inserted on the drawing, it will be updated in its current location.

You must update the schedule on the drawing when changes are made to the project schedule. The schedule will not update automatically.

The schedule will also be updated when the Update All Schedules and One-Line Diagram command is run.

If additional graphics, such as revision clouds, have been inserted over the schedule graphic, be sure to check their location after updating the schedule.


If there are errors in the distribution equipment definitions, an alert dialog box will appear and the errors will be shown at the command line. See the Addressing Distribution Equipment Errors section for more information about fixing these errors.

Related Options

Fault Schedule: Highlight AIC ratings that are too low: Sets whether the ☐ Highlight AIC Ratings That Are Too Low box is checked by default.

Feeder make-up: Sets additional length to be added to feeders for connections. This option can be further customized with the Ignore make-up on feeders shorter than this option.

Schedule title justification: Sets the justification for the schedule title.

Schedule column label justification: Sets the justification for column headings.

Schedule title continued label: Sets the label added to the schedule title for continued sections.