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Update Distribution Equipment Schedule

Design Master Electrical does not automatically update distribution equipment schedules when changes are made to the drawing. You must manually update the schedules before plotting to ensure the schedules reflect the most recent changes.

To update a distribution equipment schedule, go to
Ribbon: DM Electrical→Distribution Equipment→  Update Distribution Equipment Schedule
Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Distribution Equipment Schedules→Update Distribution Equipment Schedule

You will be prompted to specify which schedules to update.

Select distribution equipment schedules to update:

Select all of the schedules that need to be updated and press ENTER. The dialog box below will appear.

  •   All of the values on the distribution equipment schedules will be recalculated to reflect the latest information. All of the load totals for the equipment, including loads transferred from distribution equipment connected to it, are recalculated.

  •   The values from the most recent calculation will be used. This selection allows you to save time if you know that you recently ran these calculations and have not made any changes that may affect them.

All of the selected distribution equipment schedules will be updated.