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Calculate Egress Photometrics

The Calculate Egress Photometrics command is used to calculate point-by-point photometrics inside of egress calculation areas. All of the settings available in the command are the same as the Calculate General Photometrics command.

The two commands use different light fixtures and different settings on the light fixtures. See the General vs. Egress section for more information about these differences.

To run egress photometric calculations, go to
Ribbon: DM Electrical→Point-by-Point Photometrics→  Calculation Egress Photometrics
Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical→Point-by-Point Photometrics→ Calculation Egress Photometrics

See the Calculate General Photometrics section for more information about how this command works.

Related Options

Schedule title justification: Sets the justification for the schedule title.

Schedule column label justification: Sets the justification for column headings.

There are several options that set the default values for this dialog box. See the General Point-by-Point Photometrics Options section for more information.