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Customizing Wire Ampacities

How to customize your wire ampacities and use your customization in future projects.

Modify the Wire Ampacities​

  1. Run the ElectroBIM Design→  Customization→ Wire Ampacities command. The Wire Ampacities dialog box will open.

  2. Make the following changes to the 400 breaker trip row:

    1. Set Wire Size to 3/0.
    2. Set Ground Wire Size: Service to #4.
    3. Set Ground Wire Size: Equipment to #6.
    4. Set Parallel Runs to 2.
    5. Set X to 0.042.
    6. Set R to 0.077.
  3. Press the button to close the dialog box.

  4. Run the ElectroBIM Design→  Panel Edit command. The Panel Edit dialog box will open.

  5. Select panel MDP from the list to see how the wire sizes have changed.

Use Customization in Other Projects​

There are two ways you can use your customization in future projects:

  • Use the customization commands in a project template file. Any projects created using the template will use your customization.

  • Use the Export and Import commands:

    1. Use the customization commands in a project.
    2. Run the ElectroBIM Design→  Customization→ Export command. The Save As dialog box will open.
    3. Enter a filename and save the .dmc file.
    4. On your next project, run the ElectroBIM Design→  Customization→ Import command and open the .dmc file to load your customization.