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Modifying Distribution Equipment

How to work with distribution equipment.

Start in the FIRST FLOOR POWER floor plan.

Modify Distribution Equipment

  1. Select transformer UTIL and run the ElectroBIM Design→  Panel Edit command. The Panel Edit dialog box will open with UTIL active.

  2. Make the following changes to UTIL:

    1. Set Size ▾ to 200.
    2. In the Fault Calculations section, set Utility Fault at Device ▾ to Fixed and enter 55000 for the value.

      The fault must be set for the topmost distribution equipment in your model; if not, an infinite fault from the utility is assumed.

  3. Select panel MDP from the list. If the list is not visible, press the button. Make the following changes to MDP:

    1. Set Bus Size / Mains ▾ to 400.
    2. Set Main Disconnect Type ▾ to Breaker.
    3. In the Upstream Connection section, set OCP Frame ▾ to 500.
  4. Select panel DP from the list and make the following changes:

    1. Set Bus Size / Mains ▾ to 300.
    2. Set Main Disconnect Type ▾ to Breaker.
  5. Press the button to close the dialog box.

  6. Open the SINGLE-LINE DIAGRAM drafting view.

The single-line diagram has been updated to reflect the changes made to the distribution equipment. Any further changes made to the electrical model will be updated automatically.