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Modifying a Distribution Equipment Family

How to work with distribution equipment families.

Start in the FIRST FLOOR POWER floor plan.

Modify the Family for UTIL

  1. Select transformer UTIL and run the Revit Modify | Electrical Equipment→  Edit Family command. The family file will open.

  2. Run the ElectroBIM Design→  Family Edit command. The Family Edit dialog box will open.

  3. Make the following changes to the family:

    1. In the Family Settings section, set Device Type ▾ to Distribution equipment: Transformer.
    2. In the 200 kVA section, set Override Family Values ▾ to Yes.
    3. Set Size ▾ to 200.
    4. In the 1000 kVA section, set Override Family Values ▾ to Yes.
    5. Set Size ▾ to 1000.
  4. Press the button to close the dialog box.

  5. Run the Revit Create / ElectroBIM Design→  Load into Project /  Load into Project and Close command to update the family and its parameter values in the project.


    You do not need to save the family file, but if you do not save, the parameters will only be used for this project.

  6. Select UTIL and use the Revit Properties panel to change the Type ▾ to 1000 kVA.

  7. Run the ElectroBIM Design→  Panel Edit command. The Panel Edit dialog box will open with UTIL active.

The Size ▾ value has been updated to reflect the changes made to the family.

  1. Press the button to close the dialog box.

  2. Set the Type ▾ to 200 kVA and run the ElectroBIM Design→  Panel Edit command again to see how the Size ▾ changes.