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Starting a New Project

These tutorials show how you can use ElectroBIM in a project that is in progress. This section briefly describes the workflow for designing new projects.

Configure Families and Customization for Future Projects

Before starting a new project, use the  Family Edit command to configure your electrical families as described in the Modifying a Distribution Equipment Family and Modifying a Branch Circuit Family sections. Doing this once at the family level will save you from having to do it for every instance in the project later.

Follow the steps described in the Use Customization in Other Projects section to apply your customization to future projects.

Draft and Design Your Electrical Distribution

After loading your equipment families into the project, use the  Insert Create,  Copy Create,  Edit, and other commands on the ElectroBIM Single-Line ribbon to design your electrical distribution and draft your single-line diagram at the same time. When you're ready, use standard Revit functionality to move your distribution equipment into place.