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Where to Learn More

These tutorials cover the basics of Design Master HVAC. They do not cover all of the features and functionality you might use on a project. Here are a few ways you can learn more about the software.

Visit the User Manual

The User Manual contains information about all of the commands in Design Master HVAC.

You can access the user manual from our website, or by running the DM HVAC→Utilities→  →User Manual command.

Visit the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base on our website features in-depth articles covering more features of Design Master HVAC.

Send Us Your Project

For specific questions, sending us a copy of the project is usually the fastest way to get help.

Use the Send Project to Design Master Support command to send us a copy of your project. Run the command in the drawing you have a question about. It will send the drawing and database to us along with your question.

Not all networks allow our command to send the project to us. If that is the case, it will save a file to your desktop with your project in it. You need to manually send that file to

Once we receive your project, we will take a look at it and get back to you with an answer.

Our official support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time.

Limited support is available evenings and weekends if you send a project or an email.

Call or Chat With Us

You can call us for support at 866-516-9497 x2 or contact us via live chat.

Our official support hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern time.

Phone support is only available during our official support hours.

For evening and weekend support, send us a project or an email.