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Array Diffuser (2 Point)

The Array Diffuser (2 Point) command is used to array diffusers on the drawing in a straight line from the first diffuser to a second point.


The standard CAD ARRAY command does not work on Design Master entities. Use this command instead.

To array diffusers using the 2-point method, go to
Ribbon: DM HVAC→Diffusers→  Array Diffuser (2 Point)
Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC→Diffusers→Array Diffuser (2 Point)

You will be prompted to select the diffusers to array.

Select diffusers to array:

You will then be prompted to specify a second point for the array. The distance between the specified point and the first diffuser will be divided evenly among the diffusers in the array.

End point of array:

You will then be prompted to specify the number of diffusers in the array, including the selected diffuser.

Number of diffusers in array (including selected diffuser):

The diffusers in the array will be generated in the space between the selected diffuser and the end point.