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Edit Duct Branch

The Edit Duct Branch command is used to edit a run of connected ducts. All of the ducts that are connected to the selected duct will be modified.

To edit all of the ducts in a selected branch, go to
Ribbon: DM HVAC→Ducts→  Edit Duct Branch
Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC→Duct Centerlines→Edit Duct Branch

You will be prompted to select a single duct.

Select duct or label to edit:

Duct Settings Dialog Box

Changes can be made to the ducts in the same way as when they were inserted or queried. See the Query Duct section for more information.

The modified values will be applied to the selected duct and all of the next ducts. See the Previous and Next Ducts section for more information about identifying next ducts.