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Square Elbow

To insert a square elbow fitting, go to
Ribbon: DM HVAC→Ducts→  Square Elbow
Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC→Fittings→Square Elbow

You will be prompted to specify the duct on which a square elbow is to be inserted.

Select duct or label to insert fitting at:

The Turning Vanes? dialog box will appear.

  •   Turning vanes will be inserted in the square elbow. Turning vanes will only be shown if the ductwork is rectangular.

  •   Turning vanes will not be inserted in the square elbow.

A square elbow will be inserted on the drawing, as shown below.

Related Options

Turning vanes on square elbows and wyes: Sets whether turning vanes are inserted on square elbows when sizing ducts.