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Send Master and Standards Databases to Design Master Support

The Send Master and Standards Databases to Design Master Support command is used to send us your master standards customization database files. We will occasionally ask for these files when helping you solve problems related to your customization.

To send a copy of your master and standards databases to us, go to
Ribbon: DM HVAC→Utilities→  →Send Master and Standards Databases to Design Master Support
Pulldown Menu: DM HVAC→Help→Send Master and Standards Databases to Design Master Support

Send Master and Standards Databases to Design Master Support Dialog Box

See the Common Help Information section for more information about the Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Additional Information fields.

Your master database and all of your standards databases will be sent.

  •  ☐ Save to desktop Whether the support request is sent directly to us or saved to your desktop for you to email.

    By default, this box is not checked. Support requests are automatically sent with no further input from you.

    Some companies block outgoing messages from programs other than your email client. When this happens, you will be given a chance to save a ZIP file to your desktop that you can send to us manually. Detecting this configuration can take a long time.

    When this box is checked, the attempt to send the message directly is skipped and you are immediately prompted to save a ZIP file to your desktop. Skipping the attempt to send saves time.