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Set CFM Total

This section describes the commands used to set the total airflow for a room, a duct, or multiple diffusers.

CFM Setting Adjustment Methods

The methods by which airflow values can be adjusted for existing diffusers are described below.

  •  🔘 Average CFM in Diffusers The total airflow is divided evenly between all of the diffusers. Each diffuser will have the same airflow.

  •  🔘 Prorate CFM in Diffusers The total airflow is prorated among the diffusers based upon their current airflow. The relative airflows will remain the same between the diffusers. Different diffusers will have a different airflow.

    Example: You have selected two diffusers for which the CFM total will be set. The first currently has 100 CFM, and the second has 200 CFM. You set the new total for the two diffusers to 450 CFM. The first diffuser will have 150 CFM, and the second diffuser will have 300 CFM.