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This section describes how to generate a quantity takeoff directly from the diffuser and fitting counts and duct measurements stored in the project database. Takeoffs may also be performed at any time during the design process and can be quickly redone as a design changes. Each takeoff is generated as an HTML file and will automatically be opened in your web browser. It can also be opened in Microsoft Excel.

This feature is not intended to be used as a complete estimating tool. It is intended to provide the starting point for creating an estimate that can then be finished using a complete HVAC estimating program.

Follow the links below to learn more about the takeoff tools available using the Takeoff commands:

  • To perform a takeoff on an area on a drawing, you must first Insert a Takeoff Area. These takeoff areas will remain on the drawing until erased and can be used again for future takeoffs. The definition of the takeoff area can be modified using the Query Takeoff Area command.

  • Once you have created a takeoff area, use the Print Takeoff Area command to perform the takeoff.

Common Takeoff Information

  •  Takeoff Area Name: The name of the takeoff area. The name is displayed when the takeoff for the area is printed.

  •  Layer Systems to Count: ☰ Which layers are included when the takeoff for the area is printed. See the Layers section for more information about layers.