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Design Master Plumbing User Manual

You are reading the user manual for Design Master Plumbing 4.1.

Technical Support

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Intelligent Pipes: Each pipe section is linked to a database record that tracks all of the information about that pipe and makes edits and changes quick and easy.

Track Flow Through Pipes: Whether you are tracking gallons per minute, fixture units, or cubic feet per hour, Design Master Plumbing will keep the totals accurate as you work through the system.

Automatic Pipe Sizing: Pipes are automatically sized based upon the flow, accounting for diversity. Sizing is completely customizable to support any possible plumbing code.

Easy Drafting: Labels that update automatically with changes in your design. Quickly and easily place valves and fittings. Layers, elbows, tick marks, and line breaks are all handled for you.

Isometric Diagrams: Generate an isometric diagram directly from your plan view pipe layout, doing in seconds what once took hours. Line breaks, p-traps, and other graphic elements are drawn automatically.

Smart Pipe Risers: Risers instantly link multiple drawing files together and make moving between floors easy, keeping your entire plumbing system coordinated. Never lose track of pipe locations, sizes, or flow values again.

Customizable Graphics: Maintain your existing graphic standards. Pipe linetypes, layer names and colors, text fonts, pipe labels, and various pipe graphics can all be customized.