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“With Design Master, I can concentrate on the engineering and trust the software to handle the mundane tasks.”
Dana P. Lund, PE
D.P. Lund Company
Missoula, MT

“Design Master Electrical speeds up and simplifies the whole design process.”
Richard N. Miller, PE
RNM Engineering
San Francisco, CA

“Design Master enables us to do more with the same resources, and to work ‘leaner and meaner’.”
Mark Strickland, Owner
Strickland Engineering
Jackson, MO

“I can’t praise Design Master enough. It cuts the time it takes to produce our designs by about 90%. The software has saved us from having to hire four or five different people.”
Paul Kenney, PE, CEO
Proficient Engineering, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

"Design Master is so easy to use, it’s fun! We’d be hard-pressed to run our business now without it."
W. Chelsae Knight, PE
APEX Engineering Corporation
Centreville, MS

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