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Customizing Schedule Columns

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

It is possible to customize the columns in the schedules that Design Master creates. You can modify the schedule title, column labels, column order, column width, column justification, and which columns appear.

When you insert a schedule, a dialog box appears with a place for schedule notes and an Edit Title, Column Labels, and Column Order button. Press this button to modify the columns.

The Schedule Label Display and Order dialog box will appear.

The first row in the grid is the title for the schedule. To change the title, modify the Label column. The WidthJustification, and Display columns are ignored on the first row.

The rest of the rows are for all of the columns in the schedule. The Key column is the Design Master identifier for the column. It is displayed only is this dialog box and cannot be edited. The Label column is the label for the column on the schedule. The Width column is the width of the column on the schedule. This width is in inches on the final drawing. If you enter “2” here, the column will be 2″ on your drawing when it is plotted. The Justification column is the justification of text in the column. The Display column controls whether the column appears.

Almost all of our schedules have three note columns. You can use these for notes or other information that you need that we do not include a place for. For example, if you want to include an “Installation” column, you can change the label on the Note 1 column to say “Installation.” Then, in your schedule entries, enter the information necessary for installation in the Note 1 edit box.

Use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to modify the order in which columns are displayed in the schedule.

The screenshots shown are from the Insert Light Fixture Schedule command, but this also applies to these other commands:


DM HVAC->Diffusers->Insert Diffuser Schedule


DM Electrical->Light Fixtures->Insert Light Fixture Schedule
DM Electrical->Receptacles->Insert Receptacle Schedule
DM Electrical->Equipment->Insert Equipment List
DM Electrical->Junction Boxes->Insert Junction Box Schedule
DM Electrical->Switches->Insert Switch Schedule
DM Electrical->Low Voltage Devices->Insert Low Voltage Device Schedule
DM Electrical->Point-by-Point Photometrics->Add Photometric Calculation Schedule
DM Electrical->Distribution Equipment Schedules->Insert Fault Schedule
DM Electrical->Distribution Equipment Schedules->Insert Feeder Schedule
DM Electrical->Distribution Equipment Schedules->Insert Voltage Drop Schedule
DM Electrical->Distribution Equipment Schedules->Insert Arc Flash Schedule


DM Plumbing->Pipe Symbols->Insert Pipe Symbol Project Schedule

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