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Customer Stories

Yakima, WA
March 2024

"First, it's getting used to Revit and how to deal with that, and then with Design Master, it's actually pretty simple... it's been great.”
Bill Ross, President

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South Bend, IN
December 2023

“The automation of feeders, breaker sizing that comes with the software helps eliminate mistakes. The automation of the software calculations allows for it to get it right the first time.”
Eric Baker, VDC Manager

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Fort Worth, TX
July 2023

“It allows you to make the changes quicker, which is everything in today’s game—do it quicker.”
Beth Mattern, PE, LC, LEED AP

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El Cajon, CA
May 2023

“Now that we have all this stuff dialed in, there’s probably 25% time-saving per project versus the other way using multiple systems.”
Bryan Wayne, PE

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Austin, TX
March 2023

“Having been at a number of different companies, it always felt like it would’ve been better if we had Design Master, or it was better because we had Design Master.”
Aaron Dennington, PE, LEED AP

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Spokane, WA
January 2023

“I don’t see how you couldn’t need something like this to be competitive.”
Mark Hoppe

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ElectroBIM for Revit

McMillan Electric

“It’s just incredible how easy it is to have Design Master layer on top of our projects and work with all of our families.”
Dean Macy, PE

San Francisco, CA
November 2022

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McMahon Associates

“As long as you start with good information at the utility, you’re matching some of these very high-powered programs, and we’re able to do it in Revit.”
Jill FitzSimons, PE

Neenah, WI
March 2022

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ME3 Consulting Engineers

“I can assist the client in reaching their goal, and Design Master takes 90% of that credit.”
Bryan Zapf

Sarasota, FL
July 2021

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Conley Engineering

“It has improved our quality control tremendously.”
Jeff Gray

Yakima, WA
May 2021

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Muir Engineering

“I can set up a Revit family and know that … the breaker will come up correctly, and the circuit description will be something useful.”
Brian Muir, P.Eng.

Comox, BC
July 2020

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Collins Electrical Company

“Design Master eliminated so many steps. … Instead of doing A through Z, let’s do A, B, and C, and we’re done.”
Jay Nieman

Stockton, CA
July 2019

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Sea-Tac Electric, Inc.

“Design Master Electrical RT cuts our design time just about in half.”
Corey McKinnon, LEED AP BD+C, Director of Design and Engineering

Kent, WA
May 2017

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ELEN Consulting, Inc.

“There’s no learning curve with ElectroBIM. Just push one button and the calculations start working.”
Cory Murphy, PE

San Diego, CA
February 2015

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“I can’t imagine designing in Revit without ElectroBIM.”
David Scott, Electrical Design Engineer

Lexington, KY
December 2014

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BNA Consulting

“ElectroBIM saves us time and money.”
Drayton Bailey, CTS-D, LEED Green Assoc.

Salt Lake City, UT
November 2014

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Electrical for AutoCAD

Lake Shore Electric, Inc.

"First, it's getting used to Revit and how to deal with that, and then with Design Master, it's actually pretty simple... it's been great.”
Bill Ross, President

Yakima, WA
March 2024

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Martell Electric, LLC

“The automation of feeders, breaker sizing that comes with the software helps eliminate mistakes. The automation of the software calculations allows for it to get it right the first time.”
Eric Baker, VDC Manager

South Bend, IN
December 2023

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Mattern Stith Engineering

“It allows you to make the changes quicker, which is everything in today’s game—do it quicker.”
Beth Mattern, PE, LC, LEED AP

Fort Worth, TX
July 2023

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H+W Engineering

“Now that we have all this stuff dialed in, there’s probably 25% time-saving per project versus the other way using multiple systems.”
Bryan Wayne, PE

El Cajon, CA
May 2023

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Aaron Dennington

“Having been at a number of different companies, it always felt like it would’ve been better if we had Design Master, or it was better because we had Design Master.”
Aaron Dennington, PE, LEED AP

Austin, TX
March 2023

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Summit Professional Engineering

“I don’t see how you couldn’t need something like this to be competitive.”
Mark Hoppe

Spokane, WA
January 2023

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RB Consulting Engineers

“It’s allowed me to get where I am today, and propelled me into the market to compete against the big national and international groups.”
Ryan Bertalan, LEED AP, PE

El Cajon, CA
September 2022

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Specialized Outsourcing Services

“It cut my time by 60% on a project.”
Steve Hamilton

Dallas, TX
May 2022

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Matthews Consulting & Design, Inc.

“Design Master has allowed me to take on a lot more work than I could’ve handled on my own, and that, to me, is so invaluable.”
Jeff Matthews, PE

Tuscon, AZ
November 2021

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Consulting Engineering Service, Inc.

“Having the calculations performed for us by Design Master only took a few hours. If we had made those revisions manually or with our previous software, it would’ve taken a day.”
Tom Muse, PE

Winston-Salem, NC
September 2021

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Bend Electric

“When the architect comes and says ‘Hey, we’re gonna change this…’ I’m always the first one back.”
Tim Hansen

Bend, OR
January 2021

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Harbor Environmental and Safety

“It’s very engineer-friendly and intuitive.”
Andrew Rike, PE

Little Rock, AR
May 2020

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Abossein Engineering

“It just makes it more pleasant to come in and do designs.”
Jay Werner

Redmond, WA
March 2020

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Building Center No. 3

“Having more control over different parts of the project is always going to be beneficial for us.”
Jason Tapia

Miami, FL
January 2020

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AYS Engineering

“The software also really speeds up revisions, which is a huge convenience for us and our clients.”
Carlos Zarate

Austin, TX
May 2018

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Marque Engineering

“There’s no comparison in terms of how fast we can do a project with Design Master compared with other methods.”
Shane Housh

Cincinnati, OH
February 2018

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Eric Aielli, PE

“Design Master makes it much faster to turn around revisions.”
Eric Aielli, PE

Dayton, OH
August 2017

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Farris Electric

“Getting Design Master is—by far—the single best thing we have done for our design-build model.”
Tyler Beck, Principal

San Jose, CA
April 2017

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Sole Source Engineering

“When my clients want to make revisions it’s so much faster with Design Master than in AutoCAD.”
Jim Peacock, PE

Gibsonville, NC
October 2016

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Engineered Building Systems, Inc

“Creation of the panel schedules using Design Master is super quick and efficient.”
Paul Sprong, PE, LEED GA

Newport, KY
January 2016

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Evans Engineering and Consulting

“There's never a disconnect of information between drawings and schedules.”
Donald Evans, PE

Post Falls, ID
November 2015

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HNA Engineering

“Design Master helps us get projects out the door in a short period of time. It easily doubles our productivity.”
Thomas Hunt, EI

Memphis, TN
October 2015

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Pennell Consulting, Inc.

“Design Master saves us time whenever we need to make a change to a design.”
Rob Pennell, President

Spokane, WA
May 2015

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Strunk-Albert Engineering

“Design Master lets us make changes and turn revised drawings around for architects much quicker.”
Jason Palmieri, Electrical Designer

East Stroudsburg, PA
March 2015

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Current Electrical Construction Company

“Design Master does so much automatically, which accelerates most aspects of the design process, especially calculations.”
Kieran O'Brien, Vice President of Operations

Portland, OR
October 2014

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Badger State Consulting

“Thanks to Design Master we can do more jobs faster and increase income.”
Ron Janikowski, Owner

Wausau, WI
August 2014

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Preferred Engineering

“Design Master paid for itself on that very first project.”
Greg Mulholland, PE

Lewisville, NC
July 2014

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Quintero's Electric

“For me, automatic updates to the panel schedules and equipment schedules are the best thing about the software..”
Lidia Hernandez, designer

Riverside, CA
June 2014

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MEP Associates

“Anytime you change a device or a circuit you can just tell it to recalculate, and it updates everything for you automatically”
Jesse Babb, PE

Norman, OK
May 2014

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“Because we’re able to do more engineering and proposal work in this department thanks to Design Master, we now have a company bottleneck in our estimating department. They can’t estimate as fast as we can design it!”
Wayne Boyd, Engineering and Preconstruction Manager

Lexington, KY
February 2014

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Summit Electric, Inc.

“We love Design Master Electrical and find it very cost-effective to own.”
Mark E. Kunch, Vice President

Troy, MI
December 2013

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Cheatham and Associates

“The great benefit of Design Master for us is the huge amount of time it saves.”
Mark A. Ciarrocca, PE

Wilmington, NC
November 2013

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APF Engineering

“Design Master brings it all together so one person can do it all—and do it faster. My operation is so efficient now that we even have time to do some local pro bono projects.”
Patrick Fagerman, Principal

Decatur, AL
August 2013

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DEI Electrical Consultants

“Design Master saves us an enormous amount of time. It’s safe to say it improves my personal productivity by over 50% right now.”
Scott Kahler, Senior Electrical Designer

Spokane Valley, WA
July 2013

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D.P. Lund Company

“With Design Master, I can concentrate on the engineering and trust the software to handle the mundane tasks.”
Dana P. Lund, PE

Missoula, MT
April 2013

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Misean, Inc.

“Design Master really speeds up our engineering process, especially because we need to make changes and additions to our drawings all the time for clients.”
Anthony Huynh, PE

San Diego, CA
December 2012

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Northern Electrical Engineering Consulting Company

“We produce more jobs than firms three or four times our size. That’s mainly because the decrease in design time made possible by Design Master Electrical is just astounding.”
Jim Parker, PE

Anchorage, AK
October 2012

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RNM Engineering

“Design Master Electrical speeds up and simplifies the whole design process.”
Richard N. Miller, PE

San Francisco, CA
August 2012

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Engineering Design Consultants

“Design Master Electrical is the greatest value for the money of anything that I’ve ever purchased for my company.”
Wayne Beard, President

Lakeland, TN
July 2012

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Gulf States Engineering

“We chose Design Master because it does what we want, and because the alternatives, especially Autodesk’s Revit and BIM products, were much more expensive and require a lot of computer memory.”
Michael Robertson, PE

Mobile, AL and Gulfport, MS
June 2012

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DLJ Electric

“I can work with a smaller team, make more money, get the projects I want, and turn changes around quickly for clients.”
Dave Jackson, founder

Stockton, CA
September 2011

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Trindera Engineering

"Design Master helps streamline our design process so we can accomplish more work in less time, with greater accuracy and improved team coordination."
Angie Hester, CAD Department Manager

Coeur d’Alene, ID
August 2011

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Baker Electric

"We're doing modeling in the new release of Design Master, which supports 3D views. They've made huge advances with their latest release. Their conduit modeling is the best I've seen."
Gary Edgington, Project Manager

Des Moines, IA
June 2011

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"I would not be able to do my job and produce the amount of work that is required of me without Design Master Electrical."
Nick Lisin, Preconstruction Manager

Lexington, KY
May 2011

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APEX Engineering Corporation

"Design Master is so easy to use, it’s fun! We’d be hard-pressed to run our business now without it."
W. Chelsae Knight, PE

Centreville, MS
April 2011

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ELEN Consulting

"Design Master Electrical has a major impact on our productivity, turnaround time and the accuracy of our drawings. We’re a more profitable company because of it."
Tim Locklear, Principal

San Diego, CA
November 2010

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Division 16 Electrical Estimating

"Design Master lets me keep my clients happy and our projects on schedule."
Al Bellefleur, Electrical Contractor

Bloomfield, CT
September 2010

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Kohrs Lonnemann Heil Engineers, PSC

We have found the immense time savings, which of course directly impacts profit, renders Design Master the software of choice for our construction related electrical engineering and design.
Dave Joesting, Designer

Fort Thomas, KY
October 2006

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Hill Electric Company

"Using Design Master, I did a three story project over the Thanksgiving weekend. It took me less than sixteen man-hours to have the drawings ready for printing. After the review, it took me less than three hours to have all the errors corrected and ready for final printing."
Richard Dennehy, Estimator/Designer

San Antonio, Texas
December 2005

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WB Electric, Inc.

"I have fewer errors, fewer reviews, and my design time has been cut at least in half. I couldn’t be happier."
Ed Harrell, Designer

Yorba Linda, California
May 2004

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Baskerville Donovan

"I was able to use Design Master to meet the owner/engineers needs in a very short time, basically recreating the design effort of a month in a 3 day time period."
Howard Erskine, Senior Designer

Pensacola, Florida
October 2003

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Gusmus Electric Company, Inc.

"This program has made our designs so streamlined that we were actually able to eliminate a draftsman position. We can now literally design a project in less than half the time it used to take."
Lee Gusmus, Designer

Memphis, Tennessee
September 2003

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Mechanical Consulting

Engineering Professionals, LLC

“I finished it in about 45 minutes. … Shot him a PDF just before we got on the horn, he asked how I did it. I said, ‘That’s for me to know and you to find out.’”
Bill Philcox, PE

Middletown, NJ
September 2020

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Adicot, Inc.

“Design Master HVAC lets me design so much faster and more efficiently that I can compete directly with bigger firms.”
Adrienne Gould-Choquette, PE

Sarasota, FL
June 2015

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MEP Associates

“Design Master HVAC is definitely the most user-friendly engineering design software I’ve seen.”
Will Davis, EIT

Eau Claire, WI
April 2014

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Sherlock, Smith, and Adams

“Any changes you have to make to a design are also much easier with Design Master.”
Michael Holland, Mechanical Engineer

Montgomery, AL
April 2012

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Design West

"The current functionality of Revit MEP is much slower than what Design Master is capable of at this time."
Joshua Lukacs, Senior Project Manager

San Bernardino, CA
February 2011

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MEP Consulting

Saarem Engineering

“Design Master probably saves me up to 20% on my time over the process I was using before.”
Dave Saarem

Carson City, NV
July 2022

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Stroud Engineering

“Design Master has been able to help us produce a much better product in much less time.”
Mike Stroud, PE, LEED AP

Greenville, NC
January 2022

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Vrettos Engineering & Consulting

“There was some new stuff, but I did not forget, at all. I picked it up like nothing had happened.”
Nick Vrettos, PE

Charlotte, NC
March 2021

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Maxfield Consulting

“Design Master gives us a big competitive advantage by saving time and eliminating errors.”
Will Kidd

Dallas, TX
July 2016

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Thornburgh Engineering

“Design Master Electrical and Design Master Mechanical are great time-savers and eliminate a lot of errors.”
Tom Thornburgh, PE

Englewood, FL
April 2016

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Washington Engineering & Architecture, P.C.

“Design Master makes us much more efficient, which makes us more competitive, which equals more work.”
Ron Unnerstall, PE

Washington, MO
September 2014

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JMW Professional Engineers, PC

“Design Master simplifies the design process because it takes care of so many things automatically. It lets me focus my attention on the design, rather than developing the documentation and tracking calculations.”
J. Mosby West, PE

Irvington, VA
September 2013

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Strickland Engineering

“Design Master enables us to do more with the same resources, and to work ‘leaner and meaner’.”
Mark Strickland, Owner

Jackson, MO
May 2012

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Proficient Engineering, Inc.

“I can’t praise Design Master enough. It cuts the time it takes to produce our designs by about 90%. The software has saved us from having to hire four or five different people.”
Paul Kenney, PE, CEO

Atlanta, GA
February 2012

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Red Claw Engineers

“Design Master Software has helped our business to keep going and make a profit in situations where our competitors just couldn’t--that’s been a huge asset.”
Crawford Murphy, Founder

Canton, GA
December 2011

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Webb Engineering

“What brought me back to Design Master was the higher productivity it offers for a small operation like mine. I don't have a staff of CAD people to help me work with a cumbersome application like AutoCAD MEP or Revit.”
David Webb, Owner

Mebane, NC
October 2011

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Brewer Engineering

"After drawings go out for bid and come back through the addendum process, the quick turnaround on changes is the biggest time-saver for me."
Matthew Crowl, Design/CAD Technician

Ankeny, IA
July 2011

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Design Learned

"It allows us to charge less and give more to our clients: one of those beautiful things in life."
Zachary Rohlfs, Staff Engineer

Norwich, CT
January 2011

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Greenco of Augusta, Inc.

"The great thing about Design Master is that you can be designing as you're drawing.  It speeds the whole process up tremendously"
Joe Green, Owner

Augusta, GA
December 2010

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Green Anderson Engineers, Inc.

"Where I feel Design Master separates itself from the competition is their customer support. They are very dedicated to making sure Design Master is working for their clients."
Ron McClane, CAD Manager

Fayetteville, Arkansas
June 2003

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Civil and Landscape Architecture

Meggan Masters

“It explained lighting better than anything I had done in the past.”
Meggan Masters

Apex, NC
November 2020

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City of Hagerstown Maryland’s Light Department

“Design Master Photometrics is very economical to own and pays for itself over and over in terms of time saved.”
Jason M. Bachtell, HLD’s Staff/Electrical Engineer

Hagerstown, MD
July 2017

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PVE Sheffler

“Design Master Photometrics saves us significant time and streamlines our overall workflow versus outsourcing the lighting designs.”
Gabrielle Bovard, Architectural Designer

Pittsburgh, PA
April 2015

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John J. Murphy, Jr.

“This product will save you time and money every time you use it, and make it easy to deal with changes.”
John J. Murphy, Jr., PE

Rockland, MA
October 2013

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Appalachia Design Services

“Now I can, within one day, complete a site lighting plan. This has a positive bottom-line impact on the whole job.”
Jeremy S. Fields, PE

Blountville, TN
May 2013

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Vortex Engineering & Architecture, Inc.

“We were working in the software within a few hours and producing lighting plans by the end of that first day.”
Jim Miller, Senior Designer/Project Manager

Grand Junction, CO
September 2012

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DeLuca-Hoffman Associates, Inc.

"All the principals here are very satisfied with the Design Master software, and we all feel it was a good decision to start doing lighting design ourselves."
Robert Woodman, Project Engineer

South Portland, ME
March 2011

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