Displaying Hidden Lines on Plumbing Pipes

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

When pipes run underneath Design Master HVAC ductwork, it is possible to automatically convert them to hidden lines.

Limitation: There is one limitation when doing this. The pipes must use a continuous linetype. It is not possible to both use a linetype and automatically insert hidden lines.

How To: This setting can be specified individually for each pipe type. To turn it on, go to “DM Plumbing->Customization->Pipe Graphics->Edit Project/Standards List”.

The last column is labeled “Hide Pipes Below Ductwork”. Check the box in that column for pipes that should be hidden. You might have to scroll to the right to locate this column.

After you make this change, run the “DM Plumbing->Customization->Update Pipe Graphics” command to update all of the pipes that are already inserted on your drawing..

2 Responses to “Displaying Hidden Lines on Plumbing Pipes”

  1. Mike Stiles says:

    Does the plumbing software include gas piping(and sizing)also?

  2. You can create any type of pipe you want using our software:

    We can calculate flow for any type of pipe, but we do not yet size it automatically:

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