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Updating Homerun Without Losing Loop Customization

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Problem: You have manually modified the layout of the loops on your drawing, and you need to modify the homerun or add some additional devices to the circuit. When you run the Draw Homeruns and Loops command, all your modifications are lost.

Solution: Instead of using the Draw Homerun and Loops command, use one of the more specialized commands we have available. They are all available in the DM Electrical->Circuiting and Homeruns section of the ribbon and pulldown menu.

dm_elec-drawhr Draw Homerun Only redraws the homerun without affecting the loops. You can use it to redraw the homerun on the device where it is currently located or to move the homerun to a new device.

dm_elec-circuitloopmanually Loop Devices Manually adds loops to devices that you added to the circuit. If you add a single device, manually inserting the loop can be easier than redrawing them and having to adjust everything again.

dm_elec-modifycircuitlabel Modify Circuit Label can be used to remove the circuit label if you manually add a loop to a device.

dm_elec-redrawTickMarks Draw Tick Marks redraws all of the tick marks on the loops when you make changes. It will adjust the tick marks to account for loops you removed and added.

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Layers Used for Circuit Loops

The layer used by circuit loops can be set in the customization options as a default, at the distribution equipment level, at the circuit level, and/or using the Layers command.


Turning Off 3D Blocks

You can turn off 3D blocks for Design Master Electrical entities on the drawing in the customization options.


Error When Copying Electrical Devices

If you experience problems with the labels and callouts of copied electrical devices, try disabling the insertion of 3D blocks in the project customization options.


Assigning 3D Blocks

3D blocks can be assigned to Design Master entities using the Blocks List customization command for the type of entity.



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