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One-Line Diagrams for Current Users

Monday, November 30th, 2015

We improved one-line diagrams in Design Master Electrical 8.4. This page describes the changes we made for users who were previously using our one-line diagrams. It focuses on comparing the new version with the way the features used to work.

If you have not used our one-line diagrams in the past, you should go to the How to Use One-Line Diagrams page. It describes how the one-line diagrams work without referencing the previous version.

One-line diagrams are improved, but the basic underlying functionality is still the same. If you want to, you can continue to draw one-line diagrams exactly as you did before. However, we hope that you find that the improved features we added help improve your process.

One-Line Devices Are Now Distribution Equipment

We changed the label in our menus from One-Line Devices to Distribution Equipment. These names refer to panels, switchboards, transformers, and other equipment like that.

This change does not impact the functionality of the software, only the labeling.  We felt that the new name better matches industry terminology and will be less confusing for new users. As an existing user, we hope the change doesn’t greatly impact your ability to find commands.

New Features and Improved Features

Each of the pages below describe the new features we added and improvements we made to a specific part of the one-line diagram.

Generate Commands: The software can automatically insert the first draft of your one-line diagram. These new commands will insert the first draft of your one-line diagram for you.

Template Blocks: New blocks can be created that have label locations and values already filled in. Learn how to create and use these new blocks.

Default Labels: You can now specify default prefix and suffix values for labels.

Match Command: The match command helps you to reuse your graphics once you have them arranged correctly.

Labels: Labels have been improved to make them easier to use.

Feeder IDs: There is a new method for inserting feeder IDs directly in feeder wires.

Feeders: A number of new commands were added to help draft the feeders between equipment.

Meters: New meter commands allow you to insert meters as an integrated part of your one-line diagram.

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