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Labels for Current One-Line Diagram Users

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Labels were improved to help with some tasks that were previously difficult.

Scale and Alignment

When you insert labels, there are two new values you can specify, scale and alignment. You can use these values to adjust the size and justification of specific labels.

Feeder Snapping

When you move a feeder label, if the label is near the feeder, it will snap to be directly next to the feeder. You can use the Insert labels inside feeder lines option to control whether the labels will be next to the feeder or inside the feeder.


Previously, leaders had to be manually inserted. Now, you can use the Insert Leader command to insert a leader as an integrated part of the one-line diagram. The leader will always start at the selected note. You will manually specify the end location of the leader. There are a lot of different pieces of the one-line you might want to point at, so we do not attempt to set the end location of the leader like we do with other leaders in the software.

Use the corresponding Remove Leader command to remove a leader you no longer need.


Finally, we added groups for labels. Previously, to line up a bunch of labels required manually arranging them in a nice line. If you had to move them, you had to manually move each one, again lining them up in their new location.

Groups take a set of labels and moves them all together. All the labels in a group will share the same scale and alignment value.

To group labels, you can either use the Group option at the command line when inserting the label, or use the Group Labels command. In both cases, you select the label that is currently in the correct location. Other labels will be inserted below the selected label.

Use the Reorder Labels in Group command to change the order of the labels.

Use the Remove Label from Group command to separate a label from a group. You will be prompted for a new location for the label.

Move and Rotate Commands

Two new commands, Move Label and Rotate Label, were added. You can still rotate and move labels using grips. These commands are another way to accomplish the same task.

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