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Dwelling Unit Load Calculations

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

How to calculate feeder and service loads for dwelling units in Design Master Electrical.


We look at the following topics for configuring dwelling unit loads:

We also answer the following questions:

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Here are a few support articles related to dwelling unit load calculations.

Dwelling Unit Load Calculation Quick Start: A basic walkthrough of the settings you need to change to calculate your panel loads using a dwelling unit method.

Convert Specific NEC Section to DM Load Type: Use this reference when you know the section in the NEC you want to model. This article will tell you how to configure Design Master Electrical to handle it.

Convert DM Load Type to Specific NEC Section: Use this reference when you are not sure what a load type in Design Master Electrical does. This article will tell you which NEC sections each load type is attempting to model.

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The “Building Angle” setting offsets the axes along which wire length calculations are performed, which can greatly impact several figures in your project.


Exporting Load Calculations (and Other HTML Outputs) to Excel

Some HVAC and Electrical reports can be exported as HTML files. Here are three easy ways to open those files in Excel.


Feeder and Service Load Calculations

Use this, along with NEC 220 Sections III and IV, to determine how to correctly model your loads.


Feeder and Service Calculations

This article explains the calculation methods available in the Feeder and Service Calculation Settings dialog box and how loads should be configured for each method.


Base Units and Photometrics Calculations

If your photometrics calculations appear too condensed or spread out, you may have your base units set incorrectly.


Electrode Configurations for Arc-Flash Calculations

This article will help you determine the electrode configuration for your distribution equipment, in order to perform arc-flash calculations.



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