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Using Custom Feeder IDs

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

If none of the built-in feeder ID formats work for your standards, you can define custom feeder IDs. Custom feeder IDs can be defined one-by-one as they are generated, or all at once when you start a project.

First, you will need to change some settings in your customization options.

Ribbon: DME/DMERT: Customization->Project Customization-> dm_dm-optionP Options

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical/Electrical RT->Customization->Options->Edit Project List

In the One-Line Diagram section, find and set the following options:

  • Feeder ID format: This option sets the format used when feeder IDs are generated automatically. When creating custom feeder IDs, the Feeder ID field is initially populated based upon this format; therefore, selecting a format that is close to your custom format will save you some time.
  • Automatically create feeder IDs: This option sets whether feeder IDs are automatically generated based upon the selected Feeder ID format. Disable this option to define your custom feeder IDs as they are generated.
  • Copy feeder IDs to master schedule when created / Transfer feeder IDs from master schedule if possible: These options help ensure consistent feeder IDs across projects. When both options are enabled, feeder IDs will be pulled from the master schedule if they exist for the feeder types in the project; if a feeder ID does not exist, it will be generated and copied to the master schedule for future projects.

Define Feeder IDs as Needed

As you draft your one-line diagram, the New Feeder Callout ID dialog box will appear any time a feeder is inserted that does not have a feeder ID already defined:

Enter your desired feeder ID in the Feeder ID field. You can also select a feeder ID group, toggle whether the feeder ID is copied to the master schedule (this is enabled if you enabled the Copy feeder IDs to master schedule when created option), and toggle whether future feeder IDs for this project are created automatically (not recommended for defining custom feeder IDs).

Define Feeder IDs at Project Start

If you want to define several feeder IDs ahead of time, you can do this using the Feeder ID Project Schedule.

Ribbon: DME: Customization->Project Customization-> dm_elec-old-FeederID-P Feeder IDs
DMERT: Customization->Project Customization->Feeder IDs

Pulldown Menu: DM Electrical->Customization->Feeder IDs->Edit Project List
DM Electrical RT->Customization->Feeder IDs->Edit Project List

See the Feeder IDs in Design Master Electrical or Feeder IDs in Design Master Electrical RT user manual pages for more information.

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Working with Sequential Feeder IDs

Unlike other feeder ID formats, special considerations apply when defining sequential feeder IDs.


Turning Off Feeder IDs

You can turn off individual feeder IDs in the one-line diagram with the Change Graphics command, or disable feeder IDs entirely in the project customization options.


Inserting Feeder IDs for One-Line Diagram Users

Previously, Feeder IDs needed to be inserted manually; beginning with Design Master Electrical 8.4, they can now be inserted automatically by having this customization option enabled.


Changing Feeder ID Formats

Changing your feeder ID format at the beginning of a project is simple; changing it mid-project requires deleting and redefining existing IDs.


Changing Feeder ID Block Graphics

The block used for feeder IDs can be changed in the Edit Feeder ID Group Settings dialog box in the Feeder IDs customization command.


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