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Unknown Command Error

Friday, December 6th, 2019

Problem: When I select a Design Master command in AutoCAD, nothing happens. The command line shows an “Unkown command” error:

Cause: This can often happen because AutoCAD has become corrupted. If you press F2 to view more of the command line and scroll up, you may eventually see a “no function definition: VLR-Command-Reactor” error:

Design Master relies on, among other things, the AutoCAD function “VLR-Command-Reactor.” If that function becomes corrupted, the software can’t operate.

Solution: You will need to repair, or uninstall and reinstall AutoCAD.

Instructions on how to repair/uninstall programs:

Afterward, your Design Master menus will probably be gone. You do not need to reinstall Design Master. You just need to reload the menus by following the “Configure AutoCAD” instructions on the Installing for a Single User page for a local install, or the Installing for Multiple Users page for a network install.

The files needed to reload the menus are located in the Admin folder where Design Master is installed. For a local install, the default location is C:\Program Files\Design Master Software. For a network install, the location depends upon your network. If you’re not sure of the network location, an easy way to find it is to run the Installation Settings command on a computer that has Design Master loaded.

Ribbon: DM->Utilities-> dm_dm-help / dm_photo-help ->Installation Settings

Pulldown Menu: DM->Help->Installation Settings

The Admin folder is in the location listed in the Network Install Folder field.

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