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Feeder Schedule Command Removed

Friday, July 23rd, 2021

The DM Electrical->Schedules->Feeder Schedule command was removed from Design Master Electrical RT 2.0.

To create a feeder schedule, you can use the new Schedule Insert command, copy the schedule from another project, or create the schedule manually using Revit functions. Each method is described below.

Why was it removed?

The command was removed because it was not actually a complete schedule of all of the feeders in the project. The schedule used Revit’s built-in schedule functionality. Unfortunately, it was not possible with Revit’s schedules to reliably show all feeders in all projects.

Electrical equipment with two feeders, such as transfer switches, were shown as two columns on a single row. It was not possible to have a separate row for each feeder.

Feeders could only be shown for electrical equipment. It could not show feeders to large branch circuit devices if they were defined as electrical fixtures.

Use the Schedule Insert Command

The Schedule Insert command inserts a complete schedule of all the feeders used in your one-line diagram.

See the Schedule Insert page in the Design Master Electrical RT user manual for more information about using this command.

Copy the Schedule from Another Project

  1. Open both projects in the same instance of Revit.
  2. In the other project, right-click the name of the schedule you want to copy, and select “Copy to Clipboard.”
  3. In the target project, use the Manage->Paste command, or type CTRL+V to paste the schedule into the project. (You can do this with any view open).

Create the Schedule Manually

Follow the steps below to create the schedule using standard Revit functionality.

Run View->Create->Schedules->Schedule/Quantities.

Select Electrical Equipment. Set Name to FEEDER SCHEDULE.

Press the OK button. The Schedule Properties dialog box will appear.

In the Fields tab, for Scheduled fields, add Panel Name, DMET_Feeder_Display,
DMET_Feeder_WireAmpacity, and DMET_FeederWireCallout.

In the Filter tab, set the first filter to DMET_Feeder_Display does not equal No. Set the second filter to DMET_Feeder_WireAmpacity does not equal, and leave the last field blank.

In the Sorting/Grouping tab, set the first field to DMET_Feeder_Wire_Ampacity, Ascending, and check the Header box. Set the second field to Panel Name, Ascending.

In the Formatting tab, select Panel Name. Set Heading to DEVICE.

Select DMET_Feeder_Display. Check the Hidden field box.

Select DMET_Feeder_WireAmpacity. Check the Hidden field box.

Select DMET_Feeder_WireCallout. Set Heading to CALLOUT.

Press the OK button to close the Schedule Properties dialog box.

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