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Forgotten Electrical Feature: Equipment Connections

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The equipment connection feature has evolved over the lifetime of the software. Even long-time users are often surprised by what Design Master Electrical can do with electrical equipment beyond inserting in on the drawing.

Using Design Master Electrical, you can:

  • Insert equipment schedules on your drawing, listing all of your pieces of equipment and the important information about them. You might remember when the equipment creation window exploded in size in Design Master Electrical 7.0. Most of the fields were added¬† in order to have places to input all of the new schedule data.
  • Create groups of equipment, each with its own schedule that can be customized. These individual schedules allow you to have a kitchen equipment schedule that looks different from a mechanical equipment schedule.
  • Insert equipment in the database but not on the drawing. Later in the design, you can choose to place these pieces of equipment on the drawing, or you can leave them in the database and document them only on the schedule, depending upon the needs of your design.