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Plumbing Feature of the Month: Finding Pipes on Other Drawings

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Plumbing plans often have a large number of pipes grouped very close together. It can be hard to keep track of which pipe is which, especially when moving between sheets. Recognizing this as a difficulty with plumbing, our software includes two features to help with the problem of identifying pipes on multiple drawings.

Find Pipe: The Find Pipe command allows you to keep track of pipes between your plan view and your isometric view. When you use this command and select a pipe in the plan view, it takes you to that pipe on the isometric view, even if the isometric is on a different drawing. When you select a pipe on the isometric, it takes you to the plan view.

Find Pipe Riser: The Find Pipe Riser command allows you to follow a riser up and down a building. Multiple risers are often grouped close together. This command allows you to make sure you are looking at the correct pipe when you move to a different floor. When you select a riser, a list of floors the riser exists on is displayed. Once you select a floor, you are taken to the pipe riser on that floor.