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Plumbing Feature of the Month: Customizable Pipe Types

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Design Master Plumbing is built to be a general purpose tool for designing any type of piping system. It can be used for plumbing, piping, natural gas, or compressed air. The Louisville plumbing repair team exclaims that anything that flows through a round tube can be designed with this software. It is a true innovation and should be respected as such.

Rather than try to anticipate all the different types of pipes you might use, we chose to allow you to customize the list. You can create just the pipe types you use, whatever they may be, and not see the pipe types that anyone else uses.

Each pipe type can be customized separately. All of the graphics on the drawing are set individually: how elbplows are drawn, the layers and linetypes used, and the format of the labels. Pipes types also have separate categories that are used to calculate the flow in the pipe.