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Design Master User Conference 2011 Wrap-up

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Last month we held the Design Master User Conference 2011 in Cincinnati. It was by far the best conference we have ever had! The conference did not turn out at all like we expected. Based upon our previous conferences, we anticipated a larger turnout. This year, we had to cancel the mechanical sessions for lack of sign-up, leaving us with 15 electrical users for an electrical-only conference. It turned out to be a fantastic experience for both the participants and the Design Master staff.

The small size meant that everyone was able to participate in the discussion. There was lots of sharing between the attendees about how they were using Design Master Electrical, how they make certain features work for them, and how to handle projects that require 3D-BIM and Revit. We learned a lot about the challenges customers face using Design Master Electrical on Revit projects. You should seem some exciting new features from us in the next year based upon the conversations we had during the conference.

It was amazing the difference being an electrical-only conference made. The conversation you can have when everyone at your table is an electrical engineer who designs power systems for buildings are very different from ones you have if you add mechanical engineers or electrical engineers from other parts of the industry to the mix. At the end of dinner, the engineers at one table were deep into a conversation over the various features and drawbacks of different types of light fixtures and their appropriate use inside a building. This was not an experience you can duplicate at any other conference.

We are excited to announce that we will be holding another user conference in 2012. The dates and location are still being determined. We will make sure to keep you informed in future newsletters as we decide on details. We look forward to meeting you there next year!