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Public Wish List One Year Anniversary

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Last year, we started using a public wish list for feature requests for our software. In that time, 188 users have voted on 128 ideas. We have finished 24 of those ideas and included them in our software.

We have never had a problem gathering ideas from our customers. Ranking all the ideas we were given and choosing which ones to implement was always difficult. We constantly had to ask ourselves, “Is this idea one that lots of people want to see us add to our software? Or is it an idea that only one person wants?” The wish list has helped us determine which customer ideas we should pursue first.

The most recent releases of our software are based largely on feedback from the wish list. Most of the ideas have been pulled from the top of the list, but we also pull from the middle and the bottom of the list when the ideas are either ones we particularly like or are simple to implement. We occasionally implement a feature that only one person wants.

If you have not visited our wish list, go take a look. Vote on the features you want to see us add to the software. This is the best way to influence what gets added to our software.

If you have visited, thanks! Your feedback has been helpful. As we mark features as finished, you get your votes back. Don’t forget to go back and vote on new requests.