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Deciphering Isolated Grounds

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

This episode of the Electrical Building Design Show has David Robison and co-host Mark Robison, PE explore and unravel the complexity of isolated grounds and investigate the challenges, opportunities, history, functionality, and practical considerations surrounding them.

Highlights explored in the video include:

  • The Story of Isolated Grounds: Their development goes back to the 1980s and the beginning of the growth of computer use, with isolated grounds introduced to reduce building voltage differences.
  • Understanding Isolated Grounds: Isolated grounds are a reference voltage that remains unaffected by voltage gradients in a building coming from sources like lightning strikes or external transformers.
  • The Necessity of Isolated Grounds: Even with upgraded modern equipment, the effects of external electrical disturbances, older systems, and traditional design practices still contribute to the need for isolated grounds.
  • And more…

The Bottom Line:

While isolated grounds create challenges in operation and maintenance, understanding their principles and following best practices in design and installation ensures effectiveness in reducing electrical noise and maintaining a stable ground reference.

ElectroBIM assists with implementing isolated grounds into Revit projects; click here to learn more.

In the video below, David and Mark provide more detail on the role and necessity of isolated grounds and their importance in the integrity and reliability of electrical systems.

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