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How to Calculate Voltage Drop in Revit

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

The Electrical Building Design Show is taking on the examination of Revit and its voltage drop calculations. Revit boasts the ability to size wires and calculate voltage drop, however, the reality is far from ideal.

Items this video examines, include:

  • Circuit Load: Revit identifies the apparent load associated with a circuit based on the connected receptacles, but its simple approach can be incorrect when dealing with circuits containing multiple loads.
  • Circuit Length: Revit will calculate exact distances on the length of a circuit, but its handling of circuit length can still be difficult when distributing loads unevenly across receptacles.
  • Wire Impedance: A major Revit limitation is that it only allows calculations for copper wires, with no option for aluminum, which limits its value for many projects.
  • And more…

The Bottom Line:

Revit has significant shortcomings when it comes to voltage drop calculations. Its inherent weaknesses and rigid procedures make it inadequate for anything beyond the most basic calculations.

ElectroBIM changes that by providing solutions to Revit’s voltage drop inadequacies. We invite you to learn more about ElectroBIM for Revit or sign up for a free webinar on creating single-line diagrams in Revit.

In the video below, we provide more details on the limitations and solutions for voltage drop calculations in Revit.

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