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Lexington, KY

May 2011

Nick LisinDesign Master Electrical Makes Amteck’s Bids Sharper – and More Profitable

Amteck is a leading electrical design/build company with over 200 employees and offices in Kentucky and Tennessee. The firm offers a complete spectrum of design and engineering services from drawings to scheduling and cost analysis to installation to service on equipment. In addition to electrical and lighting services Amteck also does low-voltage work, such as communications and alarm systems. Their portfolio includes warehouses and other industrial projects, as well as hospitals, hotels and other large projects from 20,000 sq. ft. additions up through two million sq. ft. new construction jobs.

Streamlining preconstruction design

Nick Lisin, preconstruction manager, brought Design Master Electrical into Amteck about two years ago to help make preconstruction design activities more efficient and accurate. “Timeframes on our preconstruction bids are almost always very, very tight. Design Master Electrical allows me to streamline my work so that I can develop conceptual designs much faster, and also come much closer to what the actual design will ultimately end up costing and looking like,” Mr. Lisin explains.

“When we bid on a project, it’s much closer to what’s actually needed. This eliminates a lot of problems on our projects, and gives us more confidence in the sharpness of our bids and in our ability to build the project profitably. And because it enables us to be faster and more precise than competitors, the software helps us win business,” adds Mr. Lisin.

An indispensible tool

"I would not be able to do my job and produce the amount of work that is required of me without Design Master Electrical."
Nick Lisin, Preconstruction Manager

“I would not be able to do my job and produce the amount of work that is required of me without Design Master Electrical,” Mr. Lisin remarks. “It would be impossible to keep up with the pace of work without it.”

Mr. Lisin continues: “I found Design Master Software online, checked out the demo, tried using it and was up and running in less than two weeks. Their staff helped train me and answered all my questions. They’ve always been very responsive to any concerns we’ve had.

“We considered other products but Design Master won out easily over them, especially because the pricing is so competitive. Revit MEP’s engineering capabilities are pathetic in comparison to Design Master – you can quote me on that. Design Master also beats AutoCAD MEP any day of the week,” Mr. Lisin asserts.

Higher quality with less effort

“Before we got Design Master Electrical, we did all our preconstruction design work by hand. That took a lot of time, and inevitably some errors were made. Design Master calculates loads, automates circuiting we used to have to do by hand… It allows for higher precision and greater accuracy in addition to saving enormous amounts of time. And it scales right up to handle the biggest projects we do.

“Now when we’re awarded a project I can just hand my drawings off to other engineers internally, give them a bit of explanation, and they can take them right into discussions with general contractors and architects. Even if a project doesn’t end up being built, at least our time spent on it was minimized thanks to Design Master.”

But don’t tell our competition...

“It’s absolutely critical for me to be as efficient as possible,” Mr. Lisin concludes. “And that’s what Design Master Electrical enables me to be – highly efficient.

“I’m completely satisfied with the product. It gives us a clear advantage in this highly competitive world we operate in. I hope our competitors never buy it!”